April 15, 2017

Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant Jewelry


Only $25 each. Only available at the Keystone Studio!

Create beautiful glass pendants using dichroic glass – glass which changes color depending on the light source. Dichroic glass is a composite glass made from stacked layers of glass, metals and oxides. This gives the glass shifting colors depending on the angle of view – making for stunning, eye-catching effects when combined on these attractive pendants.

Choose a base shape, rectangle or square on which to build your pendant. Select a variety of dichroic pieces and start to arrange in a pattern of choice. Use mosaic nippers to cut and nibble the dichroic pieces into shapes you like as you arrange them on the base. Glue everything down when you’re happy with it. Finally, cap your creation with a clear piece of glass. It’s ready for kiln firing.

We fire the kiln once a week for fused glass pieces. This firing process hits over 1300 degrees, and melts your glass layers into one solid piece, trapping the dichroic between the layers. Once it has cooled we will add a silver-plated jewelry bail through which you can slip any chain or necklace. Your finished piece is then polished, and popped in the post to you. Postage included in the price.

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