April 19, 2017

Our Team

ReadyPaintFire would not be the fun, welcoming, enjoyable, creative activity it is without these wonderful staff members, who go out of their way to make your experience memorable, and your creations something to be proud of! Their varied artistic qualifications, lively personalities, excellent ‘back of house’ skills, coupled with a genuine care for our customers combine to make RPF a better place.
I’m so very thankful to have such great people to work with, keep the music turned up, the energy flowing and us all smiling daily

   Bethany Smith, Owner, manager, does everything kinda gal.

  Erica Nicol, ceramics, watercolors, murals.

  Lori Weissman, ceramics, graphic design.

  Kristina Vits, paintings and flower gardens.

  Patty Welch, acrylic painting

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