March 29, 2017

Paint Your Own Pottery

Everyone loves to paint, and there’s something for everyone amongst our “Paint Your Own Pottery” selection!
Pottery prices range from $10 to $80 with many items between $10 and $25.

Choose from ‘useful items’ such as mugs, dishes, kitchenware and picture frames, or pieces ‘just for fun’ like animal figurines, money banks, and other kid friendly projects.
We’ve a wide selection of colored glazes to choose from, and stamps, stencils and sponges to enhance your projects. So whether you’re 2 years old and smearing colors all over a dinosaur,  a 10 year old using polka dot stamps in multicolors around a mug, a dad coloring his team logo on a beer mug, or a mom painting a mountain with aspen trees scene on a platter – there are many ways to enjoy painting on pottery!
And our wonderful staff are here to help. Bring in your ideas, print something from Pinterest or the Internet, and the talented RPF Girls can help you bring your project to life.
Once you’ve finished painting, your pieces are clear glazed and kiln-fired overnight. This makes your pieces food safe, and your colors vibrant and shiny!
Pieces are guaranteed ready to pick up within 48hours – a rapid turn-around for a pottery studio – but we know you want to take them home with you!
We also offer shipping very reasonably with UPS if you don’t have room in your bags, or want to carry them on an airplane. From $15 to $25 minus all Sales tax.

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